RAFCO & BRICKMAN LANDSCAPING: Making A Difference In The Life Of A Special Young Man.

They say, “Home is where the heart is.”  So in that spirit, Rafco along with Brickman Landscaping, recently served as project leads in the Sunnyhill Adopt-A-House program.  Sunnyhill is a charitable organization that provides housing and 24-hour in-home assistance for disabled individuals.  Residing in one of its homes is Mike, a young man with developmental disabilities who uses a wheelchair for mobility.  Unfortunately, his house was in dire need of extensive repairs and renovation, both inside and out.

By reaching out to our vendor partners, Rafco helped assemble a team of volunteers to support this worthy cause—and give Mike’s home a fresh, new look.  Over an intensive 3-week period, several companies banded together to complete a long list of tasks—including bathroom renovation, new doors, landscaping, cleaning, painting and other updates around his house.

Today, Mike enjoys a much-improved home environment that’s brighter, more comfortable and more livable.  In addition, he received all new living room furniture, a new flat-screen TV for entertainment, new bed and mattress, new computer and a new microwave.  By pulling together and working as a team, we truly made a difference in Mike’s quality of life at home.


Check out Rafco’s Sunnyhill Adopt-A-House Project.


At Rafco, we want to recognize and thank these partners for their generous help in getting the job done, and for participating in the Adopt-A-House program:

– Clayco
– Crossroads Construction
– Ed Jones Plumbing
– Hercules Window Cleaning                  
– IESI Waste Solutions
– Mattress Firm                                          
– Securitas Security Services
– ThyssenKrupp Elevator                          
– Weekends Furniture Outlet