Heading Back To The Office? Spring Cleaning Tips & Benefits

The snow is gone….We think!!!  And if we trust Mother nature, spring is upon us, for real.

Now is the perfect time to jettison those old paperwork and materials hanging around in the office from the winter and more than ever get to crackin’ NOW on your OFFICE SPRING CLEANING.  It could have HUGE benefits for you and your staff, not to mention a renewed outlook on office life!

Here is how a little bit of office cleaning goes a long way.

  • Improved Outlook Stress Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Allergy symptom Relief

Office Happiness is KEY

Eliminating clutter creates a positive vibe.  Old materials and even junkiness evoke emotions such as irritability and confusion.  A fresh, clean place to work brings up the positivity in everybody and has been shown to promote calmness and contentment.  Now is the time to elevate your mood by taking a clean control of your surroundings. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment with a refreshed straightened, “Everything in its place” work area.


86 the Stress!

A Spring Clean Up is a super easy way to reduce office stress because it gives everyone a chance to blow a little steam and produces a sense of accomplishment when completed!  Shuffling through office papers day in day out makes for a time consuming, sometimes teeth grinding day.  By cleaning and straightening up it will help eliminate the stress of….especially not being able to find anything!  Like Mom used to say…Straighten up and “Fly” right.  Or in this case “Work” right.

Work Output is Key to Work Satisfaction

Everybody likes to come home and say they had a Productive Day.  It yields a significant sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction.  Cleaning and straightening to improve workflow on a desk or in the whole office is key to getting there.  Removing unnecessary clutter, organizing and making work areas more presentable all contribute to this satisfaction.  And worker longevity!

Health is Wealth!

Did you know that cleaning a work environment can reduce Allergy Symptoms?  Getting rid of dust, pollen, mildewed carpets, etc. will make for a healthier office!  Especially seasonal allergies that emerge with spring, regular cleaning of surfaces, air filters and vents, and a disinfecting routine will contribute to a happy office environment.  Dust and pollen be gone!!  And staff will stay long!

Here is a quickie Office Spring Cleaning Checklist!

  • Organize your desk by tossing old materials, consolidating notes and putting everything in it’s rightful place.
  • Arrange all those wires for computers, phones microphones (In the day of Zoom) and desk accoutrements with Velcro or even twist ties. You’ll spill less coffee on your desk and avoid the stress!
  • Clean and disinfect regularly. Take everything off your desk and wipe down your desk, chair, computer keyboards even your screens, light switches and doorknobs.
  • Make sure if you have air filters to change them regularly and if you have air vents that can be cleaned or dusted off, do so.


RAFCO CLEAN wants to make sure your office environment is as productive as possible.  Many of the practices mentioned above can be performed in minutes and produce great results for your office.  Give it a try for the spring!  It just might be the lift everyone needs for the new year!!