How Often Should You Have Commercial Cleaning Done in the “New Normal?”

Commercial cleaning in the context of COVID is more important now than ever. Your business needs to be as clean as possible to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe.

So in this new normal, what are the new standards for commercial cleaning?

How Often Should You Have Commercial Cleaning?

To answer this question, you need to consider:

  • How much activity you have at your business
  • If you have customers coming to your physical business
  • The kind of cleaning your business needs
  • How much dirt, waste, and scraps your business generates

Every business has unique needs. Offices with a few employees and light activity may only need cleaning twice a week, but businesses with more employees and more people coming in and out of the office day-to-day require more frequent cleanings.

The following are some different service options for cleaning.

Everyday Premium Janitorial Services

This is a full-time cleaning service that works on a daily basis to clean and disinfect your surroundings– a necessity in our new normal whether customers are coming in or not. Disinfection typically involves spraying antibacterial cleaners and wiping. The number of janitors servicing should depend on your floor or office size. Daily cleaning staff can offer peace of mind that your space is a healthy and safe one to work in.

Carpet Cleaning & Disinfection

Most businesses have carpets that require cleaning to remove trapped dirt, grime, allergens, and droplets. Obviously, regular vacuuming is important. A low trafficked office will only need a carpet wash and shampoo once or twice a year but offices with more floor traffic will need deep cleanings every 3 to 6 months. Look into daily disinfections for the carpets, also, to protect from droplets that can stick on the carpet.

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

In our new pandemic life, non-carpeted floors should be disinfected at least twice a day. Your trusted commercial cleaner can do it in the morning before the staff arrives or after hours after the last staff has left. Be sure that safe and effective floor cleaning products that kill germs and bacteria are used to clean your floors. The floors also require steam cleaning or some other kind of deep cleaning every other week. Waxing the floors only need to happen once or twice a year. Shiny floors look nice, but disinfected floors matter more!

Need a Commercial Cleaner in St. Louis?

For all your commercial cleaning needs in the St. Louis area, Rafco Clean™ can provide a trusted and reliable team to keep your business not only clean but disinfected too. We can find the best cleaning service for your business’s needs during these difficult and challenging pandemic times. Contact us here.