Your Customers are Judging You on These 5 Areas

It starts the second they turn into your lot, before they even park their car: customers are dissecting the appearance of your building… and your grounds. This means devoting some extra time to maintain a clean, professional look for your company… both indoors and out.

There are 5 areas that customers tend to complain about the most — some to a point of no longer frequenting that place of business. Let’s make sure your company isn’t on that list!



It’s the bane of having a business in a high traffic area, or employees who use company grounds as a dumpster. Whatever the cause, it’s vital that your entrance, parking lot, and walkways are completely free of litter. Invest in dumpsters or trash bins that are discreet or match the motif of your building, and remind your staff that our planet really needs some help right now!


It’s the garnish to your beautiful building, helping it shine like a jewel in the rough. Make sure your maintenance crew sticks to a tried and true schedule. Not only will your place look professional, but the seasonal clearing of sloppy leaves and debris will be much easier!

Building Exterior

It’s the apple of a first-timers eye as they make sure they’re in the right place, which means it tops your outdoor checklist. Make sure all exterior lights are functioning and cleared from insect or seasonal debris. Clean the exterior windows a minimum of bi-annually and schedule power-washing for the building exterior once every few years.



It might not be the first thing your customers look at upon entering… but they will look. Make sure that you’re following the right protocols for the type of flooring you have, like carpeting vs. tile. Don’t forget about cleaning the baseboards, or else they’ll stand out against your pristinely polished floor! Beyond a professional appearance for your company, the air quality can become hazardous for both employees and visitors if you don’t do this cleaning.


It’s where you’re asking your customers to wait, to relax… so you’ve no doubt invested lots of money in your office furniture. Follow a schedule, and make sure to use the proper cleaning methods based on the kind of furniture you have, like upholstery, leather, or plastic.


Keeping up on these 5 areas regularly will cut down on the time and effort it takes to maintain the kind of building people love to frequent… but if you have any questions or need a professional, helping hand, be sure to give Rafco Clean a call today at  (314) 721-8427!