Experience The Difference

Ten Reasons for Selecting a Professional Property Management Company

  1. Professional property management companies (PPMCs) have the experience, skill, and trained personnel to manage physical plants and grounds in a safe, legal, and cost effective manner.
  2. Professional property management companies can offer current best practices across multiples categories including life safety, security, preventive maintenance, energy/resource efficiencies, tax, accounting, insurance, personnel management, technology integration, capital improvements, and legal issues.
  3. PPMCs support their property managers with large staffs including maintenance engineers, porters, and cleaning technicians as well as offer 24-hour-a-day emergency response by an entire team of seasoned professionals.
  4. PPMCs have tried-and-true operational systems and procedures that streamline tasks and minimize disruptions to residents.
  5. PPMCs have strong networks of contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, vendors, attorneys, accountants, staffing/screening services, and consultants and can select the best local companies to provide the highest quality, value, and service for each individual task.
  6. Every association board has fiduciary responsibilities to residents and to the association. PPMCs offer full financial resources including accounts payable and receivable, multi-faceted reporting, transparency through bank portals, consulting on tax, employment and insurance issues.
  7. In today’s litigious society, PPMCs are equipped with proper insurance coverage and procedures to help reduce exposure.
  8. PPMCs relieve the association of personnel responsibilities for hiring, training, firing, replacing, and substituting due to illness or vacations.
  9. PPMCs offer economies of scale in purchasing, leveraging buying power to reduce costs.
  10. PPMCs comprehend association articles of incorporation, governance documents, association rules and regulations, insurance policies, and filing of appropriate forms, returns and permits.