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“We originally started with another management company but we soon found that we needed a company with greater resources and experience, and so we turned to Rafco. We haven’t turned back since. They are very responsive to our needs, and go above and beyond meeting our requirements for a management company. We would highly recommend them.”

Bob Lordi

President - 
WestGate Lofts Condominium Association

I've been living in a property owned and managed by Rafco for 1.5 years and absolutely love it! The apartment and building are in immaculate condition and maintenance requests are quickly resolved. I will definitely live here until I move out of the area or buy property. I lived in 3 previous rental properties before this and had extreme slumlord experience. I am glad Rafco changed my rental experience in STL! Highly recommend.

Christina Schmidt

We have been dealing with the professionals over at Rafco Properties for nearly 6 years and have always found them to be 100% on the ball when it comes to executing and completing service requests to make sure all phases of their management are complete. Specifically, their accounting for each individual property maintains complete integrity and never gets co-mingled which makes it much easier on our end. In addition, Rafco has gone above and beyond the call in finding a solution to a technology problem we were experiencing in some of the managed properties. We both worked very hard to determine the root of the problem. In the end it turned out to be a third party vendor problem but nonetheless Rafco put in significant time and effort to research and exhaust all other possibilities . We love Rafco and will continue working with them on additional projects.

Lawrence Irwin

RAFCO has done an excellent job at managing our residential communities. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any multi unit owner who appreciates timely, cost effective maintenance and maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor with each of our tenants. It is our privilege to team with a hard working group like RAFCO Property Management. The accounting is always spot on and rarely do we have questions regarding maintenance decisions even if it requires a major expense . Their decision process is impeccable and we have never had anything less than stellar reports from our clients.

Arthur Meridith

“Their management and dedicated employees are true professionals and they provide an invaluable service to Centene Corporation. The Facilities Department and Rafco have worked together for years now and it’s been a great experience. These guys go above and beyond what they’re asked to do.”

George Wolfe

Centene Facilities

“Rafco does an outstanding job and always goes above and beyond for the client. Tobias is one of the most tenacious individuals I have ever done business with.”

Jim Mundy

Clayco Construction

“Rafco has been nothing but wonderful! From the initial apartment hunt to now being Rafco residents, your staff has truly been dedicated to us each step of the way. Anytime we have had any minor problems, your staff is here to help within minutes. It’s very much appreciated. Thank you!”

Brea Anne Bentley

Former 402 S. Brentwood Resident

“Why partner with Rafco? Professionalism, Integrity, friendship.”

Arlyn Snitker

Sachs Electric

Having previously occupied three buildings in three separate locations, one of our goals with the new building was to bring all of our people together under one roof and to provide amenities never before offered by RGA. Thanks to RAFCO, our people are now learning how to use this incredibly sophisticated new space which has been designed to reflect more ‘We space’ than ‘Me space'.

Robert Long

RGA’s Vice President of Facility Operations and Project Manager

Every aspect of the RAFCO organization is first class in the industry.

Tom Seickhaus

Executive Vice President, CLAYCO, Build/Design Contractor on Centene Plaza and RGA

Tobias (Rafael) has a knack for identifying and handling a problem before any major issues occur and is a good 18 months ahead of the technology curve. He has a lot of integrity, and I’d recommend him to anyone,

Michael F. Neidorff

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Centene Corporation

RAFCO was seeking to fulfill their client’s desire to provide RGA employees and guests a healthy, locally-influenced, natural culinary experience which would complement the RGA’s overall commitment to sustainability and wellness. Tobias and his team went beyond expectations to find the right service provider and then to also integrate kitchen operations to fully support sustainability goals as well.

Mark LaChance

Regional Vice President, Bon Appetit