3 Steps to Streak-Free Windows

It shouldn’t be hard to keep windows clean, right? Spray, wipe, boom, done. But under the scrutiny of sunlight the truth is revealed: streaks you thought you swiped, and smudges you swore weren’t there before.

Be it for your office building or home, we’ve got 3 steps that’ll have you on the fast track to crystal clean windows you’ll be proud of!

1: Use the Right Products

How often have you grabbed paper towel or a random rag as your window-cleaning sidekick? The truth is that these materials are famous for scattering dust in the wake of every pass you make. A squeegee isn’t the end-all be-all either: if the cloth or rubber isn’t changed enough, you’re just moving dirt from one end to the other.

Instead, invest in a trowel that’s specific to cleaning glass, or high-quality microfiber cloths will work just as well. These products have been specifically designed to snatch up every trace of dirt and dust. The advantage of a trowel is that it’ll have a telescope handle for those hard to reach places, so you won’t have to worry about climbing any ladders.

2: Water Temperature Counts!

Using hot water might commonplace when cleaning certain surfaces, but you’ll need to stick with cold or lukewarm water for cleaning windows. Hot water will evaporate quicker than the time needed to properly clean the area. While some people stake their lack of streaks on vinegar, a mild detergent will do just fine for both cleanliness and lubricating your trowel or microfiber cloth.

3: Criss-Cross Cleaning

Here’s a trick straight from the pros at Rafco! On your first pass, wipe horizontally. Then wash the window a second time, but vertically. Keep constant pressure that is neither too heavy nor light. A two-fer in opposing directions will shine light on any spots you’ve missed!

These three tricks “pane” the way to spotless, streak free windows — and they work on vehicle windshields too, be it your personal car or a fleet of company trucks.

If you still need some help giving those windows a deep cleaning, or you just have some questions about products and detergents, give us a call!